The entire purpose of having gutters is to remove water away from a building’s structure. Without properly functioning gutters a building structure and foundation are exposed to large volumes of water, which can lead to flooding of the basement, rotting wood and black mold.

Signs That New Gutters Are Needed

  • Missing gutters from the building.
  • Damaged, broken, and leaking gutters.
  • Loose gutter spikes.
  • Once you start seeing loose spikes then there is a good likelihood that most of them are loose.
  • Spikes are notorious for becoming loose and that is why they are not used anymore.
  • Rust stains on the gutters.
  • Galvanized gutters will eventually rust through.
  • If you see rust stains on your gutters then your gutters may have reached then end of their life.
  • Today’s gutters use aluminum, so rusting is not an issue.

Plastic Gutters

  • Plastic gutters tend to become brittle and break easily from ladders, branches, and ice.
  • Plastic gutters also tend to have more leaking problems.

Improperly pitched gutters and poorly placed downspout locations
We have seen numerous times where gutters have an improper pitch and downspouts were located in a bad location when a better location was available. If avoidable, downspouts should be located away from walkways to avoid ice build up creating a slipping hazard.

Gutters are made to transport water away from a building. Period. In a perfect world, where no organic matter would enter the gutter, they would perform perfectly. However, the opening from the gutter to the downspout is no bigger than a business card. Very little debris, say a small twig and a few leaves, can clog this opening quite easily.

Clogs lead to

  • Rotting fascia boards
  • Rotting soffits
  • Rotting walls
  • Flooding in the basement
  • Black Mold
  • Back up of water and ice, which creates excessive weight, pulling down the gutters

Our No-Clog Gutter System
Gutters by themselves really don’t provide a piece of mind they will work properly without almost daily monitoring during rain to assure there are no clogs. You can have you gutters cleaned out on a Monday and potentially have a clogged gutter by Friday.

There is no guarantee that a gutter cleaning will last past a few days. Save yourself the hassle, annoyance, cost, and time with cleaning your gutters up to twice a year or more, have a No-Clog Gutter System installed.

Having to clean your gutters is probably your worst return on investment when dealing with home maintenance. But, without a proven gutter cover like No-Clog you are really just wasting your money. With No-Clog you get a Lifetime Warranty against clogged gutters. Period.

Invest in yourself by investing in your home. Check out our premier No-Clog Gutter System.

Why consider anything else
If you are looking for leaf protection with a gutter cover or gutter hood system then our 2 piece seamless, fascia mount, no shingle attachment No-Clog Gutter System is right for you. We feel our system is right for homes over these brands: Gutter Helmet®, Gutter Gator®, Leaf Relief®, LeafFilter® and the vast variety of screen products on the market. We did our homework and invested in the right system for you: The No-Clog Gutter System.

Gutters & Siding Services:

We choose this company because they are a family business. We had our house covered in aluminum trim, vinyl siding, and their gutter cover system. We are absolutely pleased with their work. They are presently painting our 1st floor and we are pleased with their work again.
- Florence K. from Saline
We found All Phases Painting to be thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Not only did they provide a beautiful finished product, but also they advised us on a way to save money on the project. They were on time (even a little early) for their appointments, and the work was done swiftly and methodically. Their cut-ins were amazingly straight. They came immediately when we called, and I'm so glad they did!
- Sandy from Ann Arbor
GREAT JOB AND VERY PLEASED! Thanks again Richard for Painting our Foyer on such a short notice. It looks great. You can always use us for a referral. Met all our requests and more.
- John and Gail S. from Ann Arbor
We decided to side our house after Richard pointed out that the siding was too far-gone for any paint job to last a reasonable amount of time. They installed new vinyl windows vinyl siding, aluminum trim, and new gutters and gutter covers. My husband and I feel like we have a new home. They were meticulous and the house looks great.
- Mary S. from Ann Arbor
Richard really knew what he was doing when he repaired our rotting wood. He painted the exterior and it was prepared and painted correctly. Found him from my neighbor. Very easy to work with.
- Sean M. from Ypsilanti

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